Public Library & Computer Center


The mission of the Acoma Learning Center is to provide adequate services to improve and enrich the lives of our users through information, education, tradition, and recreation. The learning center’s mission is to provide resources and services to help all community residents of all ages. Our commitment is to ensure our patrons learn in a relaxed, safe, well-organized, friendly, and professional atmosphere. We support all students at any academic level. Our staff is devoted to ensuring the core values and vision of the Acoma Learning Center.


Learning Technician – Tracey Charlie (Certified – Grade 1) | Phone: 505-552-5160 ext 5544 | Work Cell: 505-331-8151

Library Aide – Alyssa Valencia | 505-552-5160


The Acoma Learning Center was established in the 1970 and 80s in a small brown building facing the old Tribal Administrative Office. After the late 80s, the Library was not in existence for a few years within Pueblo. In 1996, former Governor Ron D. Shutiva and his Tribal Administration helped re-establish the Library as a Tribal Program. After the restatement, the Library was housed where the old Acoma Bingo Snackbar room of the E.D.A. building from the late 90s to 2006. 

​In 2006, the New Mexico State Library (NMSL) recognized the Acoma Learning Center as a public Tribal Library. Under the NMSL-Tribal Libraries Program, the Acoma Learning Center was able to promote and support informational access for the Acoma community, emphasizing current technology and library development. 

​In June of 2007, the Library had to relocate due to the poor infrastructure and condemnation of the E.D.A. building. The Learning Center is currently in a triple-wide modular building near the Skyline Subdivision on the Acoma Pueblo reservation. In 2018, the Acoma Learning Center went under the Acoma Department of Education as one of the eight programs run by the Department’s Executive Director. 

​The Learning Center has maintained, led, and created numerous platforms, programs, and organizations based on the community’s needs. Emphasizing and strengthening the areas such as literary, community engagement, cultural & traditional sustainability, language preservation, youth empowerment, creating partnerships & collaborations, and agricultural horticulture. 


  • Collection of 10,019 Books
    • Easy Books (Children), Juvenile (Teens) Non-Fiction & Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction & Fiction, Biographies
  • Acoma Reference Collection [including the Acoma Printing Press Books]
  • Native American Collection – Non-Fiction & Fiction
  • 28 Different magazines
  • Gallup Independent /Cibola Beacon
  • Classroom/Study rooms
  • WIFI (wireless internet)
  • DVD Collection (Native Genre)
  • Tutoring
  • Faxing/Copying
  • Online Digital Collection
    • Hoopla | Sebco eBooks | World books
  • Computer Center
    • 12 HP Desktops – 10 Laptops – Mobile Hotspots – 2 AWE Early Literacy Stations – 2 Apple Mac Computers – Ipad Mini – Samsung Tablets – Ipad Pro – 2 – View Boards