Executive Director of Education

Melissa Riley, PhD
P.O. Box 307
49 Pinsbaari Dr.
Acoma, NM 87034
(505) 552-5170

Acoma Board of Education

Craig Garcia, President

Stephanie Oyenque, Vice-President

Bridget Neconie, Secretary

Loretta Vallo, Member

Marveline Vallo Gabbard, Member

Ex Officios

Pierson Siow, 1st Lt. Governor

Brian Torivio, Head Councilman

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Department of Education Partnerships:

  • Laguna-Acoma Connections (LAC) provides employment and training services to American Indian adults with disabilities who want to be employed.
  • New Mexico State University-Grants.  Native American Serving Non-Tribal Institutions Grant (NASNTI) provide access to higher educational services for students in the NMSU-Grants Service area by honoring their background, their communities, and their future endeavors in higher education.